George Orwell, serialised

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i) Why Orwell?

As well as being the author of two of the modern world’s most influential novels, Animal Farm (1945) and Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), George Orwell (1903-1950) was a prolific, entertaining and provocative journalist, essayist and critic.

As a working journalist scrabbling to make a living from his typewriter, Orwell wrote about everything from saucy seaside postcards to the psychology of nationalism. These articles are also where you will find the origins of some of his most striking ideas, including the principles which would become ‘doublethink’.

Orwell’s journalism offers a remarkable insight into a writer’s mind at work and a fascinating snapshot of life, politics and literary culture in Britain in the 1940s. We think it deserves to be as well known as his novels. But where to start?

ii) How does it work?

Orwell Daily is a bite-size introduction to Orwell’s journalism - and the perfect way to spend a coffee break (Orwell would have had a cup of tea). Every week, we share a selection from Orwell’s writing ‘on the day’ it was published, with a focus on digging out lesser-known gems and items of contemporary interest.

There will be one or two extracts a week, and we will always make it clear where you can find the original if you want to read further.

Orwell wrote for a variety of newspapers, literary magazines and periodicals, not all of which were published daily. Sometimes, we might share pieces in the month or season in which they were published (e.g. ‘Autumn’ or ‘September’).

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iii) It’s free? 

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iv) Finally, a word about the text

We hope Orwell Daily will inspire you to find out more about Orwell’s journalism and essays and even get your hands on your own copies of the texts we’re serialising.

In all our serials, the text is taken from The Complete Works of George Orwell, edited by the late Peter Davison. Orwell Daily is a homage to Peter’s authoritative edition (which is also the inspiration for our navy/red colour scheme).

Orwell’s diaries can also be found in George Orwell: Diaries, also edited by Davison.

Illustration courtesy of André Carrilho

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George Orwell, serialised


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