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We’re beginning on Friday 28th October 2022 with Orwell’s classic, genre-bending memoir Down and Out in Paris and London, with further serializations to follow in 2023.

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If you sign up after the 28th, or if you’ve deleted your emails, there are previous editions of Orwell Daily available in the archive to catch up.

Please bear in mind that for copyright reasons, Down and Out in Paris and London will need to be a ‘true’ serial. This means that, beginning on 22nd November 2022, we’ll be taking down one extract for every extract we publish - beginning, naturally, at the beginning. The previous third of the book will be available on the website, and you can still catch up on the rest by getting your hands on your own copy.

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Correct. Orwell Daily is free and always will be. For the full experience, there is also an option to take out a paid subscription. Paid subscribers will be able to join the community and comment on each post (think of it as the official Orwell book club).

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…Why Orwell? Why now?

From poverty and inequality to the pervasive power of new technology, and the rise of totalitarianism, Orwell’s writing is uniquely relevant to the times we live in - and never far from public conversation.

For those who have always wanted to see what all the fuss is about, Orwell Daily is the perfect opportunity to read his work for yourself. For more familiar readers, it’s a chance to read the classic books (and more) in a new light.

But we also want to start new conversations about Orwell’s relevance today. Hence…   

…George Orwell Today

Orwell was deeply in tune with the times he wrote in: he set out to uncover untold stories and confronted his audiences with uncomfortable truths. For the Foundation, sustaining and celebrating Orwell’s legacy has always gone hand in hand with working to reimagine political writing and reporting today.

When it was first published in 1933, Down and Out in Paris and London put poverty and homelessness on the agenda. Today, with homelessness once again on the rise, that project needs re-imagining. That’s why, alongside Orwell Daily, The Orwell Foundation is announcing a new prize, The Orwell Prize for Reporting Homelessness, to be awarded for the first time in 2023.  

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…and finally, a word about the text

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just read the book itself. We hope you do. Orwell Daily is a route into Orwell, but it isn’t intended as a substitute.

Down and Out in Paris and London was first published in January 1933 by Victor Gollancz. If you’d like to read along, we are using the late Peter Davison’s authoritative edition of the text, which was first published in The Complete Works of George Orwell and is available in the UK exclusively from Penguin.

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